Snow white snowy Ice

We have finally come out with the perfect texture of Snowy ice. The fluffy light creamy texture
is what we are looking for!! We took the picture before adding tapioca boba, redbeans, pineapple
Jelly, and our colorful pop boba, simply because it tastes so good already by itself.
We will start to teach how to make snowy ice in the bubble tea class and explore more recipe for
that 🙂
In Total we have #Original snow candy milk, #Mango snow ice, #Strawberry Snow ice, #Greentea Snow ice,
#Chocolate snow ice and there's more flavor to come!!
Already customers tried our small and convenient small snow ice machine and love them!
It's sort of K-CUP style, one serving per customer type of machine. It's easier to use compare to the traditional style "MOO~ Machine"
and we don't have to carry differnt ice brick on and off....
Now, all we have to do is add some topping and more topping, yum!!
Can't wait for the summer indeed! Can't wait for the summer~

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