New Taro powder -How Taro could you be ?!

We have good news for taro patrons; Qbubble is now introducing our new taro flavor bubble tea " A+ TARO".
It's a new taro line added to our existing popular Taro family; Signature Taro powder, Premium taro powder, 2 in 1 Taro powder
and Taro syrup. So you might think we are a little bit obsessed with taro lol, we have the same craziness with our taro recipe as well;
super pumped taro smoothies, coconut taro, chaco taro bubble tea...etc. I hope that you'll be thrilled as we are over here.
Remember to ask for A+ taro sample when you place your order today.
Here are some samples recipe that you can try in your store:
Taro milkshake: 3 oz milk + 3 oz taro powder + 1 oz milkshake powder or ice cream + ice to blend well

Taro mintshake: 3 oz milk + 3 oz taro powder + 0.5 oz mint syrup + ice to blend well (Ice cream is optional)

Taro chocolate bubble tea: 1 oz taro powder + 1 oz chocolate powder dissolve well in the shaker cup, put 1 cup ice
into shaker and shake well

Lastly, you can join our bubble tea to check it out ^_< So, How Taro can you be ~~~

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