Milk foam topping comes to Qbubble

They finally came! The long requested foam topping milk powder~
Foamy, Creamy and delicious foam topping! This is a must try drink in this season.

This milktea can be enjoyed in three ways:
1. licking the creamy foam topping,
2. drink with foaming top and iced tea,
3. stir well and enjoy milk tea!

This yummy drink changes its taste in your mouth with each sip!

Some stores add sea salt on the foam topping while some others add green tea macha
powder. If that haven't satisfy your taste bud, try our cheese flavor foaming top~~
The creamy foam mixed sweet and savoury taste at the same sip, how crazy and fun!

The Foam topping milk tea has been trendy in Korean and Taiwan for a while now, they
are popular among the young crowd because it adds a modern twist on traditional

Order one today and taste the differences between your regular bubble tea and your
Toast to the yumminess !


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