Bubble tea training class with frozen yogurt and crispy waffle

Our previous bubble tea training class was packed with new business owners and patrons, everyone
came early and ready to add something new to their menu. Our bubble tea enthusiastic staffs have
come up with many trendy drink for 2017, so our customers now has more choices other than traditional-
tea-shop drinks. The class teach bubble tea making, how to keep the boba at the right texture, snowy ice
dessert, smoothies & slush, shaved ice and winter hot drinks.
I must admit the whole process was kind of fun even though it's our job, those who stayed in the office rushed
into the class to get a cup of froyo as soon as the training ended and some got the tapioca lol!
Can't wait for those customers' store opens this year and bring some new fresh ideas into New York City 🙂

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