Tapioca pearls

tapioca pearls iconIn Qbubble, we bring the top quality boba tapioca to our customer. Aside from the traditional 2.2mm and 2.5 mm tapioca pearls,  we had added tapioca with pink and green color to our pearl family.

Tapioca Pearl-3kg 2.5大粉圓 (#2022)2022Tapioca Pearl 2.5mm6.6 lbs/bag6 bags/ctn
Tapioca Pearls-3kg 2.2小粉圓 (#2023)2023Tapioca Pearl 2.2mm6.6 lbs/bag6 bags/ctn
Tapioca Pearls-Green 3kg綠粉圓 (#2026)2026Green color -Tapioca Pearl 2.3mm6.6 lbs/bag6 bags/ctn
Tapioca Pearls-Pink 粉紅粉圓(#2027)2027Pink color -Tapioca Pearl 2.3mm6.6 lbs/bag6 bags/ctn
Selected Tapioca Pearls 2.3mm #20252025Selected Tapioca Pearls 2.3mm
Selected Tapioca Pearls 2.5mm #20282028Selected Tapioca Pearls 2.5mm

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