Shaved Ice Topping

20110802111312_36Shaved Ice Topping

The variety of shaved ice topping has increased dramatically over the past few years. Sweet beans, fruit jellies, pudding, taro, peanut and mochi; we carry them all.

20131113080010_633016Grass Juice6.6 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
1017Grass Powder8.5g/bag
20131113075919_562012Red Bean7.92 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
20131113075932_222011Green Bean7.92 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
2013Red Kidney Bean7.92 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
2014Peanut8.03 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
20131113075846_862010Taro (Diced)8.03 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
20131113075831_932018Mixed Bean7.92 lbs/can6 cans/ctn
5020Honey Aloe6.6lbs/can6 cans/ctn
20131113075804_895003Mixed Fruit Jelly8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
Lychee Jelly 荔枝椰果(#5004)5004Coconut Jelly (Lychee flavor)8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
Pineapple Jelly 鳳梨椰果(#5005)5005Coconut Jelly (Pineapple flavor)8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
5015Coconut Jelly (Strawberry flavor)8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
20131113075733_425019Green Tea Jelly8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
20131113075442_655021Mango Star Jelly8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn
20131113074714_505002Coffee Jelly8.8 lbs/bottle4 bottles/ctn

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