Popping boba

popping bubble iconReady to Pop Boba

Pop Boba adds an explosive taste to the beverage as juice bursts out in the mouth, giving you a refreshing feeling in addition to the strong fruity flavors. Flavors include passionfruit, strawberry, mango, lychee and yogurt.

2029Pop Boba -Yogurt7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
20131121085219_642030Pop Boba - Passionfruit7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
20131121085200_752034Pop Boba - Mango7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
2035Pop Boba -Lychee7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
2037Pop Boba - Strawberry7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
# 2038 Pop Boba_Kiwi2038Pop Boba_Kiwi7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn
# 2039 Pop Boba_Peach2039 Pop Boba_Peach7.4 lbs/can4 Jars/ctn

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