12/22/17 Boba tea class with Snow Ice and Milk foam top milktea

Boba tea training class with Frozen Yogurt and creamy foam top iced tea

Come join us to discover what's new on the menu and cooking boba tea!
In this coming bubble tea class we will show our class how to brew the perfect
cup of tea (the important tea base), how to shape out special menus and everyone could try different flavors of Frozen yogurt.
This class includes bubble tea tasting and instructions; Customers will learn how to cook boba tapioca pearls, step by step instructions for brewing green tea; making flavored iced tea with tea base such as Mango green tea, Peach iced tea ...etc.

For those who has tea cafe shops, customer will have the opportunity to try our cappucino coffee slushes and freshly baked crispy waffles. It provides various drinks and frozen treats recipes for our customer who is looking for expand their business revenue.

Our latest news! Our long requested creamy foam top iced tea have arrived in NY, customer can twist the original flavor by adding sea salt or green tea / macha powder. Wanna try the difference? Reserve your class today!




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