12/28/17 Bubble tea, Frozen yogurt, Foam topping milk tea and Hot drinks

In this coming bubble tea class, not only that we will teach;
how to make a delicious bubble tea drinks, brew the "just right" tea base for your iced tea,
blend in the different flavor for mixed drinks and smoothies, but also have our guests to  try our newly arrival mango lines. Our new mango powder and Taiwan mango syrups are rich in texture and flavors, and our guestes will get to try them all!

Aside from Bubble tea and smoothies, we will also make frozen yorgurt and snowy ice. Guests will have the opportunity to explore more ways to create fun and new menus such as Green Tea Smoothies or Frozen yogurt + bubble tea combo. Additional to what we have, our lastest cream foam topping milk tea has arrived!

Please ask our office staff for samples and tasting of our new flavors and milk tea.

Call now to explore more details of bubble tea business and make it yours today




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