Tall and sleek V cup with Kitty Dome Lid

V-Cup is here. Fully stocked Introducing our tallest take out cup, THE V-CUP!! We have this available in 16oz and 22oz. 22oz v-cup measures about 18 cm and 16oz v-cup is about 12 cm. Seal these tall cups to prevent leakage or cap it with dome lids. Originally designed for foam topping milk tea but…
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Milk foam topping comes to Qbubble

They finally came! The long requested foam topping milk powder~ Foamy, Creamy and delicious foam topping! This is a must try drink in this season. This milktea can be enjoyed in three ways: 1. licking the creamy foam topping, 2. drink with foaming top and iced tea, 3. stir well and enjoy milk tea! This…
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Noodle soup base and popcorn chicken spices

Introducing Qbubble New Soup Base and Spices Check it out for our new restaurant line… Pork flavor soup base! This flavorful soup base is very convenient and delicious. It could be used for Hot Pot base or noodle soup base; enriches soup for wonton and lo-mein and it also enhance your Asian dishes with real…
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Ready to serve Boba Jelly ball… no cooking required

Are you ready for this no-cooking required, ready to serve tasty and chewy boba jelly ball :) Our customers love this ready to serve boba for its yummu texture and flavors. It makes serving bubble tea possible in food truck or store that has limited space. You can serve these boba jelly alone or serve…
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