Monthly Archives: February 2017

Snow white snowy Ice

We have finally come out with the perfect texture of Snowy ice. The fluffy light creamy texture is what we are looking for!! We took the picture before adding tapioca boba, redbeans, pineapple Jelly, and our colorful pop boba, simply because it tastes so good already by itself. We will start to teach how to…
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New Taro powder -How Taro could you be ?!

We have good news for taro patrons; Qbubble is now introducing our new taro flavor bubble tea " A+ TARO". It's a new taro line added to our existing popular Taro family; Signature Taro powder, Premium taro powder, 2 in 1 Taro powder and Taro syrup. So you might think we are a little bit…
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